The Keeper’s Blog

Welcome to the Keeper’s Blog!

A leather-bound journal lies on a table in the lighthouse keeper living room. In that journal, volunteers who stay at the lighthouse through our Keeper Program often write dated reflections of their time here. Each year the previous journal is archived and a new one begins.

If you are curious about what it’s like to participate in this program, (and how it feels to spend quiet, after-hours time at this beautiful, historical place), reading through past keeper entries can give you a good idea. We so hope you enjoy these reflections from our past keepers!

If you are interested in life “off the grid,” if you are keen to live in the quiet of snow, if you’d like to learn what Leelanau County is like in wintertime, or if you’d like to interact with our visitors during the season and enjoy days beside the beach — if you want to help us by becoming a Keeper, please visit the Keeper’s page to learn more about the program and how you can participate. We’d so love to have you.

What was happening at the lighthouse in 2013?

Would you care to go back even further in time?