For Kids Only

This page is loaded with fun activities and information for kids. You may download any of these documents by clicking on the box. You will need Adobe Acrobat to open these files.

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For Kids

What Is An Artifact?
Information about what an artifact is and isn’t
Lighthouse Words To Know
A glossary of important Lighthouse words
Lighthouse Museum Manners
Information about how to act inside the museum
Crack The Code
Using Morse code, see if you can figure out the message
The School For Lighthouse Children
Find out more about the Lighthouse children’s school
Ode To A Lighthouse Keeper (poem)
A poem written by the daughter of a Lighthouse Keeper
Reading List
Books to read for teachers and students

For Teachers

We’ve prepared a special teacher’s packet to help. For more information about school tours, please contact the Program Coordinator at 231-386-7195.