March, 2013


March 7-18:

“Arrived just as Stef was getting here and learned about the projects at hand. I’ll be staying quite a few days so will be working in many areas. The first task was to take apart old book shelves and put new ones up on the wall in the house…much more room now. Checked and priced inventory as it came into the gift shop, and worked on gift shop walls. So many people here milling about the grounds. In the evenings we cooked dinner and relaxed. By the third day there was quite a bit of snow–too much to do cross country skiing. We took a long walk down the road, then my husband had to leave and return to Grand Rapids. That night was ┬ájust me and the lighthouse ghost! Swept and vacuumed the house. The next day Stef and another volunteer came out, and we worked hard till 6–put up shelves in the office closet and did some painting. On day 6, two more folks came to help, and Stef and Karl put up drywall in the gift shop. Very gray and windy today with more flurries, and I’m glad more people are here. Day 7 was cold and icy–not one person ventured out to the lighthouse. Today we uncovered the museum artifacts and worked assigning accession numbers. I put out more corn on day 8 for the squirrels and crows, and worked cataloging magazines and taking display items down to the fog signal building. Saw four deer in the yard– must get some corn out for them–and watched a large freighter head out. Day 9 was so dreary–the sun finally came out in the afternoon but the wind picked up and there were large whitecaps. Several people came out in spite of the weather. Took old carpet rolls out to the dumpster–they were heavy! One of the other keepers headed to Traverse City today for a massage and some shopping. On day 10 we saw a coyote running along the shore! We started cleaning the museum and porch–getting ready for the opening. We took trash to the dumpster and saw a herd of deer. We cooked a nice breakfast on St. Patrick’s Day and started packing–the other volunteer leaves today so I’ll be here alone again tonight. Did more cleaning in the museum. Gray on the last day, with large waves and snow squalls. Cleaned the kitchen and will head out this morning. So sad to be heading downstate!” (Volunteer from Grand Rapids)