February, 2013

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February 7-11:

“We arrived at the lighthouse at 8:30 p.m. The drive was a bit snowy but not too bad. After unloading the van and making trips back and forth in the snow, we settled in for the night. It snowed most of the night. Through the week we took down the last Christmas tree and the guys kept the sidewalks blown and shoveled. We emptied shelves in the gift shop and moved them. One day around noon the UPS driver brought 15 large boxes to the gift shop, full of clothing for next season. We went through those boxes and verified contents with the packing slips. The sun came out some days and it was just beautiful! We talked with the DNR man, and saw fox tracks. We cooked wonderful dinners and relaxed in the evenings. One day we took down part of a wall in the gift shop and painted the north wall a pretty yellow. On two days we took lovely snowshoe walks through the park and along the lake. We took lots of pictures! So many people came out and were milling around the grounds and down by the lake. It rained heavily our last night and the water was really rough as we were leaving. We were pleased with the progress we made in our work during the week, and loved our relaxing time here with friends. This has been a great experience and we definitely want to do it again!” (two couples from Grand Haven, MI)

February 16 & 17:

“When we arrived it was 13 degrees and snowing on and off. We explored the lighthouse and hiked to where it used to be. We did something a lighthouse keeper probably would not have done in 1858, and that is count inventory for 100’s of items in the gift store. In the evening we drove to Northport and had supper at The Garage (they have pulled pork BBQ). In the evenings we watched from the “light room” as the light blinked on and off. We are so excited to spend a weekend here! We shoveled a path down the sidewalk to the fog signal building. We walked down to the lake, and the children played on the mounds of snow in the parking lot and made a snow man. We spent a lot of time exploring the lighthouse, and moved 19 boxes of items to the attic for Stef, quite an accomplishment. We felt sad to leave to soon, it’s been such a memorable experience.” (two families from Chelsae, MI)