April, 2013

Grand Traverse Gift Shop 008 (2)


March 30 – April 7: “We arrived at the lighthouse around noon, it’s so good to be back! We hope to get some walls built in the fog signal building for the new display and do some cleaning in the yard. Then we’ll see what Stef has in mind for us. The day started with beautiful sunshine but has gotten cloudy with a little rain. We enjoyed Easter service at Trinity Church in Northport. Christ is Risen, He is risen indeed! Monday nature pulled an April Fool’s joke on us by sending a cold north wind and snow squalls through the day. But also moments of blue sunshine. Many whitecaps on the water today. We stocked and put carpet down in the gift shop, and worked on some dry wall in the fog signal building. We ended up staying two more days since the next group cancelled. The new upstairs room is finished in the house, and painted. We opened the gift shop and prepped the keeper quarters for painting. Enjoyed dinner and some wineries in Suttons Bay. We ended the week with blowing and slushy snow (but with the promise of Spring). The Board member went well, looking forward to a great year!” (one couple plus one individual who are members of the GTLM Board of Directors)

 April 12 – 18: “We arrived a little later than we expected because of icy roads, but our trip went fine. Stef greeted us with hugs and a long list of things to do! After unpacking we had lunch then got to work in the gift shop priming walls for new paint. Nachos for dinner. We heard loud thumps in the night, so think the house is still haunted. Day 2, we finished painting in the gift shop, then moved things in the fog signal building so the floor could be painted. It snowed most of the day and we saw swans on the bay. On Day 3, we had guests come out for lunch and bring fried chicken for a picnic. They stayed and helped us lay carpet in the gift shop and moved items into the new area. It was sunny and pretty today, but cold. Day 4, we scrubbed the stair treads in the museum with magic erasers and a wire brush to get the paint off. We finished painting a few place in the gift shop and put some new bookshelves together. Warmer today, it’s starting to feel like spring! Day 5 was our day off, so we had lunch at Martha’s Table, stopped at the casino and a winery. Sunny and 45 degrees. Days 5 & 6, we did more painting in the gift shop and got the first coat on the basement steps on the museum side. Cleaned the basement with Stef and Lindsey (many trips to the dumpster!). We ended our stay with dinner at Ficher’s and will leave a bit early, as rain is supposed to turn to ice and snow.” (two women from Stanwood, MI)

April 19 – 20:  “We arrived on a Winnie-the-Pooh, blustery kind of day. We were greeted with smiles and warm welcomes and met with Stef for the weekend duty list. It was so interesting to watch the wind and waves change direction, what a great way to spend the weekend! The next morning Mom and the boys cleaned the tower room and tower itself–trying to “de-ladybug” and wash windows. The boys are really pitching in to help. My husband is in the USCG, so they really soak up things that make them think of Daddy (currently deployed). How blessed I feel to be right where I am at this moment. Grandma and Grandpa put a 3rd coat of paint on the basement steps…how relaxing to do chores in a little corner of God’s Heaven on Earth. Nothing seems like work! What a blessing to have this experience and share it with our 2 grandsons and wonderful daughter-in-law. What a great day! Our last day we rearranged and cleaned in the gift shop–I miss retail so it felt good to be there. We saw a freighter today but could not read the name. We saw 2 swans in flight, and during the evening security check, 7 deer. So nice to have the boys be busy with no video games or computer! On our last day we woke to sunny blue skies and quiet waters. We helped Stef finish in the fog signal building, had a quick lunch and are headed home. What an awesome weekend!” (Grandma, Grandpa, 2 grandsons and their mother from Kewadin, MI)

April 26 – 28: “We arrived on a cool day with calm waters. Got to take a nice walk along the beach, checked out the whole area, and completed our work assignment by 6 p.m. The next morning we were up and at ’em early. Bob mowed the lawn and saw 3 deer in front of the lighthouse. Also saw a freighter. Much warmer day today. On our last day we got up early and cleaned the living quarters. Completed all our tasks and had some great weather. A lovely stay.” (couple from downstate)